Seafaring Message in Bottle Found on T&C after 50 Years

Turks and Caicos Man Finds Bottle Launched From Hampton Beach.

A message in a bottle that hit the water more than 50 years ago has just ended a lengthy journey.

It was tossed into the sea by the owner of a Hampton Beach, N.H., motel and just recently found thousands of miles away in the Caribbean. The Coke bottle was still intact and the message legible.

Paula Pierce of the Beachcomber Motel said when she first got the call about the message in a bottle she had no idea what the person on the other end was talking about.

When she read the message herself, she knew instantly it was her father who sent it.

“The more I looked at it, the more it jumped off the page at me that’s my father’s writing,” said Pierce.

It was a message in a bottle, thrown into the ocean at least five decades ago. It started its journey here at Hampton Beach, N.H., and was found just recently off the coast of Turks and Caicos.

The man who found it, Clint Buffington, makes a hobby of finding messages in bottles and put it online.

It reads, “Return to 419 Ocean Boulevard and receive a $150 reward from Tina, owner of the Beachcomber.”

Pierce said she never knew about the bottle, but just found her husband has known for many years.

“My husband doesn’t remember when my father told him but he told him he did it to tease my mother, because she was very business savvy here, and $150 was a lot of money back then, a lot of money,” said Pierce.

Paula’s mother died in 1980 and her father has since passed away as well. She said it sad that the joke never came to fruition, but she’s still in shock that the bottle made it all these years.

“It’s shocking to think it’s been in the ocean, 40 to 50 years, it’s shocking it didn’t get crushed — it made it all that way — its mind boggling,” said Pierce.

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