Art Exhibition: The Studio Museum’s “Evidence of Accumulation”

Jamaican-American artist Simone Leigh joins Kamau Amy Patton and Paul Mpagi Sepuya in “Evidence of Accumulation,” an exhibition of works by The Studio Museum’s 2010–2011 artists-in-residence. Evidence of Accumulation, organized by Assistant Curator Lauren Haynes, maintains the Museum’s commitment to highlighting new artistic talent and voices. The works are on view from July 14 until October 23, 2011. The Museum is located at 144 West 125th Street in New York.

Simone Leigh (1968) creates ceramic objects, frequently referencing colonial and anthropological histories, as well as ethnographic objects and artifacts. Leigh’s work often brings together her handcrafted works with ready-made objects. Collaboration is another important aspect of Leigh’s process, and during her time at the Studio Museum, her interest in collaboration has deepened. Breakdown (2011), a video collaboration with artist Liz Magic Laser and opera singer Alicia Hall Moran, looks at historic moments of female crisis and psychological “breakdowns” in popular culture.

Kamau Amu Patton (1972) creates atmospheric installations using a diverse range of media. For this exhibition, Patton has created a selection of drawings and compositions. Some use traditional drawing materials, such as ink or acrylic paint, while others are made using photography or sound, expanding our consideration of what a drawing might be. In 5000K (2011), a work comprised of light, electronics and computer software, Patton turns part of the gallery into a sound field, which creates a composition generated through measuring the intensity of the 5000 Kelvin light levels in this space.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s (1982) color photographs demonstrate his active engagement with the history and process of portraiture, as well as his experiments with framing, cropping and editing. Sepuya portrays young men in his community, making visible the relationships and intimacy between himself and his subjects. Studio Work (2010–present) is an installation of photographs, including self-portraits, created in his studio at the Museum. By inviting his subjects into his studio space, Sepuya adds his presence to the photographs, even from behind the camera.

[Shown here, Leigh’s “Overburdened with Significance.”]

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