Curaçao Mangroves Fairing Badly

Yesterday, July 26, was the International Day of the Mangroves. Unfortunately, mangroves seem to be at high risk all over the Caribbean.

In Curaçao, the pro-nature organization Amigu di Tera pronounced that “The mangroves are fairing badly in Curaçao.” Because of the dire condtions, the organization has started an online petition calling for special legislation for the conservation of mangrove forests. 

Radio Netherland reports: “Mangroves protect coastal areas. During the tsunami in Asia in december 2004, the force of the water was slowed down in places where mangrove forests were standing. Mangroves are breeding grounds for various species of fish and corals.  In Curaçao the survival of the endangered coral reefs depend on the survival of the mangroves.  The Amigu di Tera organization states that ‘The government knows that but nothing is really done to protect the mangroves. Adequate legislation and appropriate policy are simply missing.”

For original article (in Dutch), see

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