Bermuda’s Cup Match Weekend and the “Bermy Splash”

Bermuda’s Cup Match weekend includes two traditional celebrations: Emancipation Day and Somers Day (referring to Bermuda’s main colonizer Admiral Sir George Somers). These two days are always on the Thursday and Friday preceding the first Monday in August. For many Bermudians and visitors, this means a 4-day weekend. Of course, a central focus on cricket is  de rigueur.  

According to the Bermuda Sun, “Among the cricket-loving nations and territories of the world, only in Bermuda does the whole of Bermuda grind to a complete halt for two days every summer to turn its attention to a cricket game. On Cup Match days, many Bermudians either go physically to the game or listen to it on the radio. The festive game began officially in July 1902 between the Somerset Cricket Club in the west end and the St. George’s Cricket Club in the east end. Venues of the game change yearly between both clubs. The popularity of the annual game was such that it caused continued absences from employment. As a direct result, the 2-day public holiday was first introduced in 1947 and has been in effect ever since. Since 1999, a celebration of emancipation is now part of the ritual of the first day of Cup Match, formally renamed Emancipation Day.”

This year, Bermy Splash, an event featuring all Bermudian reggae artists will take place on Saturday night to round off the Cup Match holiday weekend. Bermy Splash is scheduled for 7:00pm at the White Hill Field. Featured artists include Live Wires, E-Levelz, Zion Child, Star Child, Torro, Hype Type, Stevie Dread, Slanga and many more. Hosts for the event include Nadanja Bailey, Lady Marlene, Qian, B-Rock, Jugglin Jason and Magic Chemist.

“After 400 years in the making, the biggest explosion to hit the island since this volcano erupted is Bermy Splash featuring the most heard, the most listened to and the most talked about reggae artists this side of the triangle.

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Shown here, singers Stevie Dread and Candace Furbert.

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