World-Class Lineup Announced for 5th Annual Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

The fifth Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival will take place on October 7 and 8 with a pre-heating warm-up preceding the festival. Held at Cas di Cultura, as is customary, the event has grown to full adulthood through the years. This means that world-class performers can be attracted to the event and thus the 2011 edition will be filled with the names of enormously talented artists. Names like Angie Stone, Eddie Palmieri, Candy Dulfer, Richard Bona and Raul Midon will be the festival’s headliners without contest, but Cosy Cotton with singer Grana Louise is sure to attract a wide audience as well. Cosy Cotton is performing on Aruba for the fourth year now and, we can tell you, it makes the hearts of local and visiting blues fans beat faster!

But the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival would not be complete without the considerable talent of local bands, like the Muziekschool Band and many more. All will get a spot in the spotlight on one of the stages at the Plaza di Cultura and will surely impress. This October weekend will also include art of all kinds: paintings, installations, drawings, poetry, theater and mime. To make the festival complete, there will be a terrific food court.

As the organizers, The Purple Entertainment Group, are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to get everything shipshape and ready for two days of an explosion of excellent music, the excitement is building within Aruba’s jazz and music fans. They are greatly looking forward to the Caribbean Jazz Festival 2011. It promises to be super fantastic once again.

The concept of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival was inspired by the world-class North Sea Jazz Festival created by Paul Ackett, taking place in the Netherlands in the summer. The annual Aruba Jazz & Latin Music festival which took place from 1986 till 2001 can be viewed as a predecessor of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival.

Famous featured performers such as Michel Camilo, Marcus Miller, Isaac Delgado, David Sanborn, Anacaona , Izaline Calister, Praful, Randal Corsen, Ronchi Matthew, Yuri Honing, , Will Bernard, The Ploctones, Moon Baker, Red Fulka, Lao Tizer, Swing Design, Paoli Mejias, Cubop City Big Band and Cosy Cotton Bluse Band made the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival a truly international even of the highest caliber. Local Aruban artists and groups performing at the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival were Delbert Bernabela, Robert Jeandor, Johnny Scharbaai, Ivan Jansen, Ricardo Garcia, Antonio Bello, young Serghio Jansen, JEMM, Sonic Lab, Soul Cowboy, Gloria Vega, Sazon Cubano, Datapanic, Timbache and Mystical Connection.

The four editions of the festival have been wonderful opportunities for artists to showcase their talent, enjoy the performances of their peers, and a treat for audiences to relax on the lawn, chill in the auditorium and sip and nibble in the open-air Lounge while listening to some of the best improvisations on earth.

Ticket prices:
Day tickets cost US$ 35,- or Awg. 63,-
For more information of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, please visit:

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