Rastamouse Chats to I Like Music

Well, he is an imaginary mouse, but he gives interviews. It has its moments. Follow the link below to the original interview.

In between skating and solving mysteries, Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew have been making irie reggae vibes for the best part of a decade now. Already celebrated across their home of Jamaica, it was only when the UK’s BBC picked up on their work and offered them a regular television slot that they came to the attention of a wider audience. Now established household names, they are about to release their first official album, Makin’ A Bad Ting Good.
I Like Music caught up with Rastamouse himself to chat about making the album, being a part of Da Easy Crew, how to make it as a musician and the sudden onset of fame.
“I like Music because…mi love rockin’ to an irie beat. Music it da greatest because it mek life an’ everyting sweet! RASTAMOUSE
ILM: You’re about to release your album, how are you feeling about it now it’s done?
Rastamouse: Cool an’ irie. An’ we hope nuff, nuff people go out an’ buy it. Dose riddims meant to be heard.
ILM: How would you describe its vibe?
Rastamouse: Ya know it a proper mixture, fi real . . . some upliftin’ choon dat make ya wanna dance an’ ting, some wicked dub an’ some chillin tunes.
ILM: How do tracks typically come to be, from initial idea to finished tune?
Rastamouse: Usually we start wid a jammin’ session, an’ when we get a good vibe an’ a steady riddim den we work pon da lyric. We get inspiration an’ ideas from all over Mouseland.
ILM: Which track did you have the most fun with in the studio?
Rastamouse: Dere’s two tracks mi really enjoyed; Wensley Dale’s “Help” an’ Grove Town. One is jus’ pure kicks and da udda is irie vibes.
ILM: You have a music video too, how did you find putting it together? Are you pleased with it?
Rastamouse: Makin’ da Ice Popp video was a bag ah fun – Toots was outta dis world. An nuff respec’ to all dem kids who got into da groove fi da Hot Hot Hot video. Man, dey was wicked.

ILM: What do you look forward to the most about playing live?
Rastamouse: Bein’ able to share our music wid everyone an’ watch dem all dancin’ an’ havin’ an irie time.
ILM: Out of all the shows you’ve played, which have been the most memorable?
Rastamouse: For me, Glastonbury was da boombastic best, fi sure.
ILM: What’s your earliest musical memory, when did you first realise music would be such a big part of your life?
Rastamouse: Since mi was at school mi use to put all ah dem subject to music. Jus’ like dis. One times two is two, give it up fi Da Easy Crew! Two times two is four, tick tock rappin pon da door! It mek it easier for mi to remember.
ILM: What’s the best thing about being part of Da Easy Crew?
Rastamouse: Bein’ able to hang out an’ jam wid Scratchy an’ Zoomer . . . dem is da best friends a mouse can have!
ILM: Everyone has their own unique talents, what have you learnt from working with each of them?
Rastamouse: Wid everyone havin’ different skills, it mean dat we all have someting special to give . . . put it all togedda and ya get some seriously irie vibes.
ILM: What would be your advice to any musicians just starting out?
Rastamouse: Play what ya love cos dat way ya keepin’ it real an’ havin’ fun at da same time. An’ remember practice meks perfec’.
ILM: When you’re not making music, how do you like to spend your time?
Rastamouse: Mostly mi fightin’ crime an’ solivn’ mysteries in Mouseland wid da Crew but if we get some time off we like to chill out over at Pow Pow Square.
ILM: Can you tell us about your mantra ‘Make a bad ting good’ – why is it so important to you?
Rastamouse: Nuff nuff people see a bad ting an’ feel it should stay dat way den complain ’bout how bad it is. But we know a bad ting can turn into someting good wid love, care an’ understandin’.

ILM: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Rastamouse: Mi would love to go to da Gambia.
ILM: You now have a large number of fans, how do you feel about that? Has fame changed things for you?
Rastamouse: It’s wicked to tink dat wi have nuff fans all over da country, fi real. Fame has given us da opportunity to go out an’ share our music an’ Mouseland adventures wid a world ah people. Mi love dat.
ILM: What music have you been listening to recently?
Rastamouse: Mi favourite music at da momoent is a guy called Romain Virgo – him one serious bredda.
ILM: What are your future plans?
Rastamouse: We jus’ gonna keep jammin’ an’ solvin’ mysteries . . . den maybe a world tour . . . who knows?
ILM: Anything else we should know?
Rastamouse: Me an’ da Easy Crew have nuff nuff tings in da pipe line, so stay tuned an’ watch dis space. . .

For the original report go to http://www.ilikemusic.com/urban/Rastamouse_Interview_2011-13679/1

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