Ian Padrón’s “Habanastation” Premieres in the US

Director Michael Moore has invited Cuban filmmaker Ian Padrón to present his latest film Habanastation at the Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan. Moore is the founder, director and sponsor of the festival, which is scheduled for July 26-31, 2011.

Padron’s opera prima—premiered at Havana’s Chaplin Theater on Saturday—tells the story of two Havana kids of different social backgrounds linked by a common adventure. The film, produced with the support of people from the city of Traverse, Michigan, features young actors Claudia Alvariño, Andy Fornaris, and Ernesto Escalona, all members of the internationally-known children’s theatre company La Colmenita, also UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors. The top-notch cast includes Luis Alberto García, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Miriam Socarrás, René de la Cruz, and Omar Franco.

Speaking to Cuban television, Padrón explained that his objective in making the film, a production for all ages, was to bring the Cuban family to the big screen and to offer them his creation. The film already premiered in Cuba and will soon be screened in nearly 300 movie theaters all across the island.

For original article, see http://www.cubanews.ain.cu/2011/0718film-festival-michigan.htm

For more on http://www.juventudrebelde.co.cu/culture/2011-07-13/new-cuban-film-habanastation-to-be-premiered/

For more on the film festival, see http://www.traversecityfilmfest.org/

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