“Ti-Micky” Martelly Releases First Album

Haitian Beatz reports that “There’s now more than one professional musician in Haiti’s first family.”

Haitian President Michel Martelly’s 18-year-old son Sandro Martelly has released his first album. He is called called Ti-Micky, which means Little Micky in Haitian Creole. The name distinguishes him from his father, who was known as “Sweet Micky” before he became president in May.  President Martelly is considered a master of Haitian compas, similar to merengue. Ti-Micky’s first album is a blend of compas and hip hop.

Listen to Ti-Micky’s “Poun’Ale” here


For original article, see http://www.haitianbeatz.com/hb-news-and-entertainment/latest-haitian-entertainment-news/1-latest-news/768-son-of-president-martelly-takes-up-fathers-old-career-as-little-micky.html

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