New Book: Tent Life, Haiti

On Thursday, July 21, 2011, from 6:30pm, Soft Box Art Gallery in Port of Spain, Trinidad, presents Wyatt Gallery’s newest project Tent Life: Haiti.

Wyatt Gallery’s Tent Life: Haiti (2011, Umbrage Editions), which includes an essay by Edwidge Danticat, is a book of photographs taken after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Gallery visited Haiti with seven other artists from New York City, who volunteered their time and talents to bring smiles to Haitians while photographing and filming their heartbreaking story. These photographs communicate the resiliency, dignity, and strength of millions of Haitians who are presently forced to live in tragic makeshift tent communities.

Publisher’s Weekly says, “In more than 70 striking color photographs, photojournalist Gallery offers an unvarnished look at the temporary tent cities of post-earthquake Port-au-Prince, rendering a stark yet hopeful portrait of life after devastating disaster. More than a year after 200,000 died and millions were left homeless, Gallery’s pictures and descriptive journal entries capture the resilient spirit of people living in a spontaneous and lasting community, as described by novelist Danticat. Published to raise funds for the ongoing crisis, the images single out space, public and private: the vast patchwork vista of flat-topped tarpaulins, the destroyed buildings, the brightly colored trash heaps, the makeshift beauty parlor, the shady tents, the carefully packed suitcases, the immaculately made beds-and show how Haitians are finding comfort, creating normalcy, and continuing to endure, exemplifying the words of the traditional folk song reprinted in the book: ‘I am a leaf/ Look at me on my branch/ A terrible storm/ came and knocked me off/ The day you see me fall/ Is not the day I die.’”

Royalties from this book go to Haitian charities J/P Haitian Relief Organization, Healing Haiti, and the Global Syndicate.

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