Caribbean Thriller: “The Skin”

Nerissa Golden reports that movie lovers on Montserrat were recently able to watch The Skin, a Caribbean thriller from HAMA Films Antigua at The Montserrat Cultural Centre. Golden writes:

Since the evacuation of Plymouth, Montserrat has not had a full-fledged cinema; however, the duo behind The Skin, Howard and Mitzi Allen, have made it their business to bring their new movie projects to the island. “Montserrat has always been a special place for us; we spent our honeymoon here 19 years ago and Howard has Montserratian roots,” explained Mitzi Allen, who is the executive producer of the film. “We have always screened our films here, right after the Antigua and Barbuda release.” [. . . ] [See previous post HAMA Supernatural Thriller Coming Soon.]

The Skin tells the tale of a young couple who unleash the terror of a soucayant [or soucouyant] after finding and selling an ancient artifact. The movie was filmed on location in Antigua and Barbuda and featured a star cast including Jamaican film icon Carl Bradshaw, Jeff Steward from the UK show The Bill and Peter Williams of Stargate SG-1 and A Winter’s Tale.

Chief Minister Reuben Meade attended the first screening on Friday night and remarked to the directors that he was pleased to see this level of work coming out of the Caribbean and more specifically the Eastern Caribbean. [. . .] “Showing The Skin in Montserrat surpassed our expectations in every way, from the facilities for the screening to the overwhelmingly positive response from the audience,” added Mitzi. “It is a great way to start a Caribbean tour.” The couple is preparing to take this their fourth project to several upcoming Caribbean film festivals as well as to North America later this year.

Writer and director Howard Allen said, “Sharing the film with the Montserratian audience was wonderful experience, their positive response is very encouraging and we would love to do it again soon.”

For the film’s trailer and to read about the production, see The Skin Diaries at

For full article, see

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