Casey Anthony may be heading to Puerto Rico??!!!

Ok, so this comes from Cindy Adams and can be easily categorized as gossip. But stranger things have happened . . . so you can judge for yourself.

Casey Anthony, the Florida mother acquitted July 5 of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, will be released from jail in just a few days and many are pondering where she will head since her legal team has announced she will not remain in Orlando. On Tuesday, HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell expressed her belief that Casey may travel to Puerto Rico in an attempt to seek solitude and anonymity.

“She’s going to be released this coming Sunday… I’ve had sources tell me that she’s going to leave in the dead of night. They’re going to go out the back way, five to seven vehicles, and then she is going to leave town. And we’re thinking maybe she might go to Puerto Rico,” said Velez-Mitchell.

Author and TV personality Aphrodite Jones agreed with Velez-Mitchell’s assertion, saying “It makes perfect sense, because Jose Baez is Puerto Rican. He’s got the whole Spanish community with him. She can basically sit close to home. She can be laying low… in essence, she gets to have a retreat from her three years in prison and start over again.”

Jones added, “But she’s going to have to dye her hair… cut her hair. She better start doing something really different with her looks, because even in Puerto Rico, I don’t think this woman is going to have a kind reception.”

Velez-Mitchell then said, “Well… I’m Puerto Rican myself, and I get calls all the time from people who watch my show in San Juan and all around Puerto Rico. So, given that HLN has been wall to wall on this story, and I’m inundated with emails from people from San Juan and other parts of Puerto Rico, I don`t know if she’s gong to be able to hide out there.”

She also noted, “…there are plenty of islands around Puerto Rico in the Caribbean in general… the interesting thing about the idea of going to the Caribbean is you don`t need a passport, because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States…”

Micheal Christian, senior field producer for TRU TV’s ‘In Session,’ joined the conversation saying, “That’s correct… there are other commonwealths, U.S. commonwealths in the Caribbean that she could go to, as well. We’ve also heard rumors she may be going to Texas to stay with some relatives of Cindy Anthony’s. There’s also a rumor that she might go to Ohio. She was actually born in Ohio… George and Cindy apparently have relatives up there…”

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9 thoughts on “Casey Anthony may be heading to Puerto Rico??!!!

  1. I cannot begin to wrap my mind around what kind of dreaded existence Casey Anthony will lead. I don’t think even she has a clue what awaits her. This thing is never going to go away. I bet her attorneys never considered this while they were lying their way through this trial. Any shred of a support system Casey may have had was annihalated by Baez and Mason as they greedily blazed their way to acquittal. Once she is out of the county; they will wash their hands of her…..

  2. Looks Like Casey Anthony may be living at Nancy Grace’s house and Nancy will be Casey maid and butler since Casey will soon own everything Nasncy has including those two twin-tots Nancy purchased in response to several lawsuits Nancy lost.

    1. Is that you Cindy????? Nancy will still be reporting on CNN while you visit your “hero’s” gravesite………hopefully someday very soon!!

      1986 – 2011
      Unfit Mother
      “Lived la bella vita”

      1. Your threat against Casey Anthony has been reported to the authorities, clubviajes, thanks for the address verifications. Expect a knock at your door soon.

        Casey was found not guilty and will be released in hours. It is going to increase the mental heath industries for years to come, as evidenced by : clubviajes.

      2. clubviajes,

        That is not Cindy. It is a troll by the name of michellefrommadison who steals people’s identities, and commits fraud online. You need to be careful. He is now using my maiden name to post. I am Janel Corey…now Janel White. This person has been banned from most blogs. Please be aware of this blogger.

  3. How interesting – when Canadian murderer Karla Homolka got out of jail (after a short sentence due to scandalous plea-bargain), she went to the Caribbean. Reportedly she is now back in Canada, but who knows where, doing what? Probably helping a creature like Paul Bernardo murder more women.

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