New Book: Mirta Yáñez’s “Blessure Ouverte: Cuba, le temps perdu” [Sangra por la herida]

Cuban writer Mirta Yáñez’s new novel Sangra por la herida [Bleeding from the Wound] was published in 2010 in Havana by Ediciones Unión. Éditions de L’Harmattan has just published the French translation as Blessure Ouverte: Cuba, les temps perdus (2011). The novel was translated by Colette Casado.

Description: Mirta Yáñez’s novel is a portrait of an era and of protagonists of the University [of Havana] environment. It places the reader in close contact with the Havana of the 1960s and today, a Havana full of nuances and ruptures. The account presents a multiplicity of points of view, which echoes universal ideas on death, guilt, and the inexorable passing of time. It also provides a complex look at the revolutionary period in Cuba.

Mirta Yáñez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1947. A poet, fiction writer, and essayist, she has received the Award for Literary Criticism [Premio de la Crítica Literaria] three times. Her publications include poetry— Las visitas (1971) and Un solo bosque negro (2006); short story collections such as Todos los negros tomamos café (1976), La Habana es una ciudad bien grande (1980), El diablo son las cosas (1988), Falsos documentos (2005), and El búfalo ciego y otros cuentos (2008); essays such as El mundo literario prehispánico (1986), La narrativa romántica en Latinoamérica (1990), Cubanas a capítulo (2000); and an earlier novel, La hora de los mameyes (1984).

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