An n’ Pale: A Conversation with Hervé Fanini-Lemoine

Once a month, in New York, Haiti Cultural Exchange hosts “An n’ Pale,” a conversation with a person of interest from the local community. These discussions are designed to provide a glimpse into the person’s life, interests, inspirations, and work. This month, “An n’ Pale” features author Hervé Fanini-Lemoine. The author will discuss his latest book, Face à Face autour de l’identité haïtienne (2009; revised edition, 2011), which focuses on Haitian history, culture and identity. The conversation will take place at Colors Restaurant on Wednesday, July 27, 2011, from 6:00 to 8:30pm. Colors Restaurant is located at 417 Lafayette Street in New York.

Book description: Face à Face offers a critical analysis of Haitian thought. The objective is to dispel the confusion that has been introduced into the collective memory since the era of colonization; […] data that some historians have passed along, spreading obscure stories left by colonial ideologues, thus contributing to significantly delaying the development and expression of a Haitian thought. […] With the declassification of certain documents and their publication, information that long remained within the reach of a privileged few is now available to the public. Will these clarifications now on view, allow Haitians to raise their awareness to manifest and experience Haitian thought?

Hervé Fanini-Lemoine is a musician—specializing in konpa [also known as kompa or compas]—composer, songwriter, studio producer, and author based in Florida.

[Many thanks to Régine Roumain for bringing this item to our attention.]

For an interview with the author, see

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