New Book: Timothy Williams’ “Un autre soleil”

Un autre soleil [Another Sun], Timothy Williams’ first novel in French, set in the Caribbean, was published in Paris by Payot et Rivages in March 2011.

Guadeloupe, 1980. On an island shaken by racial and social tensions, the corpse of a rich “Blanc pays” named Raymond Calais is discovered. The mounted police arrest a former convict who, after forty years in Cayenne, has recently returned to his native island. There is surely an issue of land stolen from the elderly Guadeloupean, because the authorities cannot consider the theory of a political crime, especially eight months before the presidential elections. Freshly arrived in Pointe-à-Pitre, judge Anne-Marie Laveaud believes in republican justice. But very soon, Békés, Metropolitans, Blacks, and Indians all make her understand that Guadeloupe is really not France… 

Timothy Williams paints a lucid and thoughtful portrait of “Department 97-1,” the Guadeloupe where he has lived for over thirty years. He has previously lived in France, Italy, and in Rumania, where he worked for the British Council. Born in London in 1946, Williams fell under the spell of the French West Indies when he saw Truffaut’s La Sirène du Mississippi. He teaches in Pointe-à-Pitre and is also dedicated to writing noir novels; he has written five novels in English set in Italy and featuring Commissario Piero Trotti, for example, Black August, which won the Dagger Award (Crime Writers Association).

For more information, see and–Timothy-Williams_ean13_9782743622169.html

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