Princess Diana in the Caribbean

No, she has not been seen lately . . . this is not a post about revenants or wandering ghosts. Princess Diana, I hope, is not interested in haunting us.

But with royalty in the news this weekend . . . Prince William and Kate making a splash in Canada, the slightly-past-his-bridegroom-sell-date Prince Albert getting married, “news” of Diana’s would-have-been-50th birthday yesterday, and Barbuda naming a beach after her–we did not want to be left behind. Among the many galleries of photos posted in the past couple of days celebrating Princess Diana’s complicated life, there have been several little-seen photos of her in the Caribbean. So here are three. The one above shows her in St Kitts in 1992.

Here she is in Necker Island (one of Richard Branson’s privately owned Caribbean islands) in 1990 with her children.

And here she is in Necker Island in 1989.

And that’s as royal as we are going to get for a while.

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