Eslinda Núñez Pérez, Cuba’s National Film Award Laureate

Well-known for her roles in classics such as Memorias del subdesarrollo [Memories of Underdevelopment] and Lucía (among so many other films in her career as an actress) Eslinda Núñez Pérez was given the Cuba’s National Film Award.

On June 10, 2011, Eslinda Núñez was conferred the 2011 National Film Award by Minister of Culture Abel Prieto and President of the Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry Omar González for her impressive trajectory as an actress in cinema, theater, and television.  The gala took place at the Charles Chaplin Theater, where Miguel Barnet, President of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists, delivered a moving tribute to the actress.

The jury—which included Nelson Rodríguez (2007 National Film Award laureate)  for film 2007, Marta Díaz (Dean of the School of Media of Audiovisual Communication at the Superior Institute of Art), filmmakers Victor Casaus and Lester Hamlet, soundman José Galiño and researcher and professor Mario Piedra—took in account the importance and significance of her artistic work since her first film El otro Cristóbal (1963) by French director Armand Gatti and a great number of Cuban films such as Memorias del subdesarrollo, Lucía, Cecilia, Amada, Un día de noviembre, No hay sábado sin sol, Capablanca, Bailando Cha cha chá, La primera carga al machete, Mujer transparente, Viva Cuba, La pared and El viajero inmóvil. These films are considered to be truly emblematic and they showcase the best of her talent. Praising her for “her charisma and creativity,” the jury explained that Núñez has become an authentic icon of “our cinema for national and international audiences.”  

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