Dominican Art Explored in De Art Junket: “The Art Asylum”

Guest writer Nadja Thomas will present a bi-monthly segment called De Art Junket for ARC journal. Thomas is a writer from Dominica (B.A., Temple University) who plans to pursue a career in journalism, with specific focus on the arts and photojournalism. This week, her article “The Art Asylum” highlights Dominican artist Earl Etienne. Thomas writes:

Some people search their entire lives for purpose. For many the search remains a bitter encumbrance, because that prized final goal remains elusive. Earl Etienne is not one of these people. Earl honed his creative gifts in the hours spent in his room as punishment for playing the drums, courtesy of his father. Though he was deterred from pursuing a career in music, it gave birth to his love for the visual arts. Just like in his boyhood years, emotions still form the basis of Earl’s current work. “I draw my inspiration from my life experiences. If something depresses or excites me it triggers something in my subconscious to create.” The result? Calypso on canvas.

[. . .] Today, Earl’s most sought after pieces are those born out of nostalgia. Bélé series I & II, named after one of the cultural dances of Dominica, are a collection of portraits capturing the dances’ intricate movements. These pieces are testament to Earl’s artistic ability to create the illusion of motion in visibly static paintings.

[. . .] Raw talent and beauty, void of commercial compromise bounce off the walls the Art Asylum. Textured vibrant portraits, charcoal sketches and carbon smoke paintings. This Asylum is a refuge for creation of untainted art.

[Many thanks to Holly Bynoe for bringing this item to our attention.]

For full review, see

Visit Earl Etienne’s site at

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