Art Exhibition and Conversation: “The Spirit of Pan” in the United Kingdom

“The Spirit of Pan” celebrates 60 years of the presence of the steel pan in the United Kingdom with an art exhibition of the works of Jocelyn Chaplin (Trinidad). A private viewing of the exhibition will be held on July 2, 2011, 6:00 to 9:00pm. This event includes a conversation with Sonny Blacks and music by Irvin Lynch on steel pan with vocals by Rosita Lynch.

“The Spirit of Pan” opens on July 2 and runs until July 16 at The Tabernacle, 34-35 Powis Square, London, England.

Jocelyn Chaplin grew up in Southern Sudan listening to the distant drumming of local villagers most nights, and joining in when she could. She trained in Ghana in the 60s with artist Kofi Antubam, who combined African traditions with modern approaches. He remains the biggest influence on her art. Later she worked at the Royal College of Art and has exhibited widely in the UK and Greece. Chaplin has published several books including her latest, Deep Equality (2008). It is illustrated by several paintings of carnival that are shown in this exhibition.

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