Barbuda Bartender Makes Conde Nast List

As the Barbuda Council finalizes plans for the naming of Princess Diana Beach on July 1, Conde Nast Traveler has named one of the island’s dining spots, Uncle Roddy’s Beach Bar, among the Top 20 Beach Shacks in the Caribbean, the site reports

Owned by legendary bartender Rodman “Roddy” George, the bar opened its doors four years ago. George, a former veteran employee at the ultra-chic K Club Resort, mixed drinks for many royal, rich, and famous guests at the resort. One of his most celebrated guests was Princess Diana, who visited the K Club on four occasions. “I used to look after Princess Diana,” he said.
The fully solar-powered establishment is located at Coral Group Bay, about 1.5 miles west of the beach that will be renamed to honour Princess Diana. In the Conde Nast article, Uncle Roddy’s Bar is recognised for its magnificent views of neighbouring islands Antigua, Montserrat, St Kitts, and Nevis and an abundance of lobster.
Uncle Roddy is very excited about the naming ceremony on what would have been Princess Diana’s 50th birthday. On one of her visits, Princess Diana autographed a photo taken with George, and the local bartender only shares this treasured memento with trusted patrons at his beach bar.
George and more than a dozen Barbudan residents will share their memories and photos at a floating lantern ceremony that will recognise the Princess’ legacy as a humanitarian and her special connection to the beach, the people, and the island of Barbuda.
Councilwoman Dorcas Beazer commended Uncle Roddy for his years of service in the tourism industry, and is excited that his establishment is being recognised at a time when Barbuda will receive significant international media attention for its “star treatment”.
“We were honoured to host Princess Diana on her many visits to Barbuda, and I believe that it is people like Uncle Roddy the hospitality and laid back charm of Barbudans that inspired her repeat visits to Barbuda,” Beazer said.
“The beach near the K Club that she enjoyed will become a landmark to signify what Princess Diana represented to the common people, and serve as a reminder of the high level of service that visitors can expect when they visit Barbuda.”
Proprietor Rodman George will join Governor General Dame Louise Lake Tack, local Barbudan officials and residents in lighting a flotilla of 50 lanterns to signify the hope, peace and harmony that Princess Diana brought to Barbuda and to help spread her spirit of humanity via the ocean to the rest of the world. For persons who cannot attend the ceremony, their messages will be carefully placed on lanterns and floated off in the ensemble.

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