Rita Indiana to Perform at the 12th Latin Alternative Music Conference

Dominican author and singer Rita Indiana will perform at the 12th Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC), to be held July 6-9, 2011, at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. [She will also be at SOBs on July 6 and on July 9 at Summerstage.]

Indiana has now taken up residence in Puerto Rico, where her single “Dulces sueños” [Indiana’s version of Annie Lennox’s “Sweet Dreams(Are Made of This)”] is now being heard on some the island’s radio stations. Premium Latin Music writes that in her relatively short musical career “the sensational Dominican singer-songwriter has earned the respect of her contemporaries and the appreciation of an audience avid to listen to good music.” “Dulces sueños” is part of her latest album, El juidero, which she recorded under Premium Latin Music, Inc.

Rita Indiana is a multi-faceted artist; a singer, songwriter, and author, her latest novel, Papi, was featured at the Santo Domingo Book Fair this year and she is currently editing a new volume of essays. She also
continues to write screenplays, one of which she is currently on with Puerto Rico’s Calle 13 group. As Premium Latin Music stresses, “this Dominican star is very restless, and more than anything, a hard worker in every sense of the word.” Because many of her songs (such as “Feisbú,” “Equeibol,” and “El blu del ping pong”) have practically become anthems, especially for young audiences, and due to her musical prowess, she has been dubbed “La Montra” [Dominican slang for “The Monster”].

For original article (in Spanish) and to listen to “Dulces sueños,” go to http://premiumlatinusa.com/news/rita-indiana-estrena-%e2%80%9cdulces-suenos%e2%80%9d-en-la-radio-puertorriquena

For information on bookings, you may contact Nelson Records at (646)
410-9950 or via email at nelsonrecords@aol.com


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