Lord Glenconner’s St Lucia fortune left to servant

Lord Glenconner, the multi-millionaire who bought the Caribbean island of Mustique and gave the Queen’s sister a holiday retreat there, cut his entire family out of his will before he died, Richard Kay reveals in London’s Daily Mail.

Almost a year after Glenconner’s death at 83, his widow, Lady Anne, and his children and grandchildren have learned to their distress that the eccentric Scottish aristocrat changed his will less than a year before his death — leaving everything to the beloved West Indian manservant who cared for him at his adopted home of St Lucia.

Kent Adonai, who worked for Glenconner for years, and who was his driver and companion, has inherited his master’s entire estate in the West Indies, including his beachside house between the Pitons in St Lucia, all its contents and a valley overlooking the Caribbean that is worth millions.

Lady Anne, a former lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, had agreed with her late husband that the Caribbean estate would be left to his 17-year-old grandson Cody, now the fourth Baron Glenconner.

She tells me: ‘Unfortunately, he changed his will seven months before he died and not one member of his family was named in this new will — not me, his wife for more than half a century, or any of his children or grandchildren.’

Adonai, 48, has now cleared Glenconner’s beach property of all its contents and is organising a sale of furniture and belongings at Bonhams.

‘Some things belong to me personally. I am hoping those things will be returned to me,’ says Lady Anne.

‘We have looked at the possibility of challenging the will, which would be possible in Britain or America. But under St Lucian law there is no possibility of that.

‘We are hoping Kent will follow what we all knew were my husband’s wishes — namely that Cody would be left his estate in St Lucia.’

This weekend, the Glenconner clan, plus scores of friends, are gathering in Scotland for a memorial service for him at Traquair Church, Peeblesshire, followed by a party at the family’s nearby baronial castle, Glen.

Among the 50 guests will be Glenconner’s recently discovered illegitimate son, Joshua Bowler. Glenconner had five other children, though his two eldest sons died before he did.

Kent, who was also invited, will not be there. Instead, he will be represented by his former common-law wife, Mona, who also worked for Glenconner.

For the original report go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2004471/Lord-Glenconners-fortune-left-servant.html#ixzz1PUlZBJ8A

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