New Edition of Aleida March’s “Evocación: Mi vida al lado del Che”

Evocación: Mi vida al lado del Che (2008, 2011) [Evocaction: My Life next to Che] is a memoir by Aleida March, Che Guevara’s companion in life and in the struggle. Through her memories of life close to this larger-than-life hero, she reveals him in all his humanity and multi-faceted life as father, husband, leader, and as a man in whose qualities tenderness and love were reconciled with his political responsibilities in the Cuban Revolution.

In her account, March weaves together the experiences shared with the Che, a figure that, unintentionally, was imbued with a symbolic dimension through history. Both of them constitute “two wills that decided to join one another” and that she traces through their spiritual growth, revealing to the readers “the discovery and deployment of two beings that extended their project into four lives that emerged from the love and poetry.”

Aleida March (Manicaragua, 1936) studied pedagogy at the University of Santa Clara. In 1956 she joined the July of 26 Movement. A year later she became the messenger for the head of the rebel organization in the province of Las Villas, with a reputation for her boldness and courage. Shortly after the revolutionary triumph in 1959, she married Ernesto Che Guevara. She currently chairs the Che Guevara Studies Center.

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2 thoughts on “New Edition of Aleida March’s “Evocación: Mi vida al lado del Che”

  1. I study everything i can get my hands on. My Spanish is pathetic but I keep struggling. I am dying to get the book evocacion, by aleida march. Is it out in english yet? Like I said, I have many books on Che guevara, but need this one in english .

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