Curaçao Sunfish World Championship

The Curaçao Sunfish World Championship this past weekend (June 10-12) had “the sun, the sea, and the wind” on its side: “a bit cloudy, not too hot, with around 18 to 20 knots, wind made perfect conditions for the championship. Caribiana reports that around 24 boats presented themselves at the starting line, including delayed arrival, Cooper Makenzie from Bermuda.

The first race saw battles between local Curaçao favorites Kevin van Otterdijk and Eugene Hendrikx; both familiar with Curaçao’s weather conditions. Olympic medalist Just van Aanholt (CUR) had some bad luck in the first race due to a broken rudder. He still managed to finish in 8th place.

The second race was a lot more exciting because the fleet was a lot closer to each other. Kevin van Otterdijk was in the lead for some time, battling it out with Ian Barrows (St. Thomas). Soon after, five boats where leading the fleet as the rest lagged behind, creating some distance between them. Just van Aanholt held his own in the front line, finishing fifth, due to his low weight and weather conditions that were not in his favor. So Curaçao’s Kevin Otterdijk finished first, followed by Ian Barrows in second place.

The third and last race proved to be exhausting. After van Otterdijk hit a buoy, forcing him to take a penalty lap, Eugene Hendrikx (Cur) managed to sail past him and Barrows. This time Barrows finished first, followed by van Otterdijk in second place and Hendrikx in the third.

The first place winners of the 6 races are: Kevin Otterdijk (Curaçao); Jean Paul de Trazegnies (Peru); Eugene Hendrikx (Curaçao); Ivan Aponte (Puerto Rico); Ian Barrows (St. Thomas, USVI); and  Just van Aanholt (Curaçao).

The highest ranking female sailor in the championship was is Alexandra Siebels (Curaçao) in ninth place.

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