Costa Rica: International Festival of Films on the Environment

Costa Rica is gearing up for its second international festival of films on the environment, Festival Internacional de Cine del Medio Ambiente (CRAFF). For seven days, from November 20 to 26, 2011, the festival will offer multiple film screenings as well as thematic forums and debates, encouraging participation from a diverse group of national and international guests, including film producers and directors, and experts on environmental topics, to present and exchange their various points of view. This year’s festival commemorates 2011, designated by United Nations as the International Year of Forests. The festival takes place in San José, Costa Rica. The deadline for submissions is August 16, 2011 (at midnight). [Calls for proposals went out in May.]

The event aims to promote cultural exchange and to raise awareness about the environmental concerns by showcasing documentaries and presenting forums, debates, and symposia with researchers and filmmakers. The festival awards a prize for the best documentary. Last year, Pablo D’Alo Abba and Cristián Harbaruk’s Vienen por el oro, vienen por todo, an Argentina-Spain co-production, won the $4,000 $ award.

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