Costa Rica’s Guápiles celebrates Biofestival 2011

This year’s Biofestival focused on the theme of carbon neutrality.

Despite a slight drizzle trickling down from a cloudy night sky, the Casa de la Cultura in Guápiles, in Costa Rica’s  Caribbean Zone, was standing room only last week for the opening night of Biofestival 2011. The festival – designed to raise awareness about the environment – featured diverse performances including introspective poetry, heartfelt jazz, solo guitarists, singers and even a bit of theatrical acrobatics.

“This is a moment of reflection that will help the municipality,” said Marco Arias, director of the festival. “We are here to help the environment. It is not only fun but also represents change in the community.”

The highlight of the night was a performance from Danza: Metamorfisis. Dressed in animal costumes, the crew of performers walked on stilts, hung from silk ropes and played with fire (see photo on Page 1). The group mimed out inspired performances, drawing howls of laughter and delight from the crowd.

Tico guitarist Humberto Vargas serenaded the crowd with the sweet sounds of his numerous albums to close out Friday night. The festival lasted through Sunday.

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