National Geographic’s Photo of the Day

National Geographic’s Photo of the Day from “The Best of May 2011” features Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park. Located at Molinere Bay, the original sculptures were designed by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor [see previous posts Jason deCaires Taylor Interested in Creating Underwater Sculptures in Barbados and Swim by art at Cancún’s underwater museum]. Officials say the sculptures have had a positive impact on the underwater ecosystem by allowing for the creation of artificial reefs.

The Telegraph writes, “His desire to create striking and meaningful art forms and his love of the underwater world led him to explore the intricate relationships between art and the environment. For Grenada, this has resulted in a series of beautiful marine seascapes that have formed a series of artificial reefs, drawing new life into areas which have been damaged by nature’s raw power and mans intervention.”

For original post, see

For more on Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park, see

See more of Jason deCaires Taylor work at and the artist’s page at

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