3 Films starring Puerto Rico’s Shalim Ortiz to debut in 2011

Three films featuring Puerto Rican actor Shalim Ortiz, who plays a detective, a Vietnam War veteran and a young man in love, are scheduled to be released over the next few months, Fox Latino News reports.

Ortiz says the role in “Sangre de Familia,” a drama involving love, murder and reincarnation that will debut in October at Mexico’s Morelia International Film Festival, came to him thanks to the intervention of a fan.

“They hired me through Facebook. A fan, who followed my career and that of producer Rigoberto Castañeda, was the contact person,” the artist told Efe in a phone interview from Los Angeles.

Ortiz plays the role of a man (Alejandro) who is reacquainted with his wife from several lifetimes ago and together they face various challenges that will test whether they are meant for one another.

Filmed in Mexico, the movie helped Ortiz make contacts for other projects such as the crime drama “Abril y Mayo,” a story about two teenage serial killers in which the Puerto Rican actor plays detective David Quintero.

“Abril y Mayo” is expected to hit theaters at the end of 2011.

In yet another Ortiz film slated for release this year, “Bad Ass,” the actor takes on the role of Frank Vega, a young soldier who leaves behind everything – including the love of his life – to serve in Vietnam.

Filming of that project concluded in April in Oklahoma.

The 32-year-old son of Dominican singer and TV presenter Charytin Goyco and Puerto Rican actor and producer Elin Ortiz said his character in “Bad Ass” touched him on a personal level and made him more aware of the psychological and physical trauma suffered by veterans.

“Bad Ass” will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

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