Montserrat’s Calabash Festival 2011

Not to be confused with Jamaica’s Calabash Literary Festival, Montserrat celebrates the Calabash Festival, “a celebration of culture, creativity and music.” This year, the island will host the 6th Annual Calabash Festival on July 17 -24, 2011.

Description: The week-long event offers a wide selection of festivities that highlight the hidden talents of local artisans and designers. Named after the calabash fruit that was traditionally used to produce eating utensils, musical instruments and decorative items, the festival seeks to promote Caribbean culture through a range of events such as a family fun day, hike to Rendezvous Bay Beach, island tour, boat excursion to the former capital city Plymouth, the Calabash Food Fair, concerts, a gala, and a fashion show.

For additional information and schedule of activities, you may contact Florence Griffith Joseph at or call (664) 492-1743.

For more details on Montserrat’s upcoming festivals, visit

Photo: Rendezvous Bay Beach

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