Reggaetón Producer Manolo Guatauba Slain in Puerto Rico

Manuel “Manolo Guatauba” Calderon, a music producer seen as a pioneer of reggaeton, was killed while driving his car down a street in San Juan, police said.
The 41-year-old businessman was driving Sunday through the capital’s downtown neighborhood of Barrio Obrero when someone opened fire on him.
Caldero was treated by paramedics and sent to the San Juan Medical Center, but died of his wounds hours later.
Guatauba, as he is known in the world of show business, produced some of the first discs in the reggaeton category together with Nico Canada and the New York DJ Tony Touch.
Artists including Calle 13, MC Ceja, Eddie Avila, Rey Pirin, Khriz, Zion and Lennox have used their Twitter accounts to express their condolences for the death of Manolo Guatauba.
Avila said that Guatauba was “one of the architects of this movement,” while Khriz, of the Khriz and Angel duo, said that he has lost “a brother and a father,” and that he will continue to follow his advice and his wishes.
Zion, meanwhile, said that Guatauba was one “of the most important directors that this category has had…may God keep him in all his glory.”

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2 thoughts on “Reggaetón Producer Manolo Guatauba Slain in Puerto Rico

    1. I’m one of his sons, I appreciate your comment.
      But it’s a sad truth we all know, what’s worse is tha if you don’t know/or have no contact with anyone who does they will never ever truly understand.
      Puerto Rico needs a shift; we need unity and this is the best time to unite the island as a whole. Why war with each other, when the real problem is from the outside, we must learn from our Taino linage. During these times we must put all tribal differences aside and unite for the greater good of our people as a WHOLE.

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