In Montserrat: The Cudjoe Head Festival

Montserrat comes alive with traditional fanfare during the annual celebration of Cudjoe Head Festival. Held from July 29-31, 2011, the festival invites residents and visitors to join in the events that celebrate the island’s strong African heritage. Festivities have grown to include a steel band performance, road race, and an exhibition of goods produced in the village.

Organized as a way to unify the residents of Cudjoe Head and the remaining cultures that share the small island, the festival is also an avenue for Montserratians to highlight their African roots and the impact it has on the island’s culture. ThevillageofCudjoe Headwas named after the 18th century slave, Cudjoe, who ran away from his master and was caught and beheaded. His head was placed on a silk cotton tree as a warning to other slaves who were considering the valiant run to freedom.

For further information on Cudjoe Head festival contact Paul Lewis at or call (664) 492-1611.

For more details on Montserrat’s upcoming festivals, visit

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