Grace Jones, Still Going Strong at 63

Jamaican-born singer Grace Jones will perform at the The Hague Jazz Special Concert at Kyocera Stadion on Wednesday June 15, 2011. Kyocera Stadion is located at 55 Haags Kwartier, The Hague (Netherlands). She will also participate in the Wireless Festival in London on July 1-3.

Caribbean Entertainment Magazine recently featured Jones, who turned 63 on May 19, 2011. The article says, “With her flawless chocolate skin, razor sharp cheekbones, fierce flat top hairdo, Grace Jones is a beauty icon who breaks all the rules.”

Jones (whose real name is Grace Mendoza) is a singer, model and actress who started her music career with Island Records in 1977, releasing her debut album Portfolio, which resulted in a string of dance-club hits. During the 1970s, she often attended legendary New York disco Studio 54. Her androgynous appearance, and outrageous musical act employing live lions and leopards, made her a cult favorite, and propelled her into several acting roles. Her edgy style made her exceedingly successful in New York City’s underground and nightlife scenes and her sexually evocative stage shows and songs like “I Need a Man” earned her the title “The Queen of Gay Discos” because of her large following of gay men.

She studied theatre at Syracuse University, and later signed to one of New York’s top modeling agencies; Jones’ looks were too strong for U.S. magazines, but she spent several years in Paris working as a successful model.

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