New Book: Margaret Papillon’s “Les Infidèles”

Margaret Papillon’s play Les Infidèles [The Unfaithful] has just been published this month (CreateSpace; May 10, 2011). The theater piece was previously published online on the île en île site in 2007.

Description: One day, a woman discovers, in her bedroom closet, evidence of her husband’s infidelity: compromising photos that will provide the pretext she needs to put into question her own identity as well as life as a couple. In disconnected dialogues, raw and daring, the eternal questions regarding the difference between men and women are raised by a wayward husband and three generations of women who, to varying degrees, undergo utterly primary chauvinism, the most despicable betrayals, and all sorts of humiliations, but without surrendering. In a rapid exchange of stinging remarks, the characters express their existential malaise.

Margaret Papillon was born on November 14, 1958 in Port – Port-au-Prince (Haiti). Her first novel, La Marginale (1987), was much acclaimed. Since then, the public’s enthusiasm for her books has continued to grow.  Her many works include novels such as Martin Toma (1991), La Saison du pardon (1997), Mathieu et le vieux mage au regard d’enfant (2000), Innocents Fantasmes (2001), and La Mal-aimée (2008). She also published an autobiographical text—La Raison des plus forts… (2002)—and numerous books for young readers such as La Légende de Quisqueya I (1999), La Légende de Quisqueya II (2001), Le Trésor de la Citadelle Laferrière (2001), and Sortilèges au carnaval de Jacmel (2002). She has quite a few new books in the pipeline.

Many of her works have been presented on radio shows; published in journals such as Le Nouvelliste, Revue Cultura, and Le Matin; and published electronically in venues such as and île en île.

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