Crocs spread fear as Dominican Republic’s biggest lake swells

Surprise and fear strikes the community Las Clavellinas, near the Haiti-Dominican Republic border, as more crocodiles venture further from Enriquillo Lake’s expanding shoreline, in the wake of rising waters, said Frontier Council President Radhamés Batista.

He asked the Environment Ministry to take measures to prevent tragic contacts with humans, and urged the Agriculture Ministry’s Hunting and Fishing Agency to conduct studies that can also protect the crocs. “We feel that this needs to be alerted to the fishermen, residents and swimmers of the zone, to be more careful near this water, since they could have a close call with crocodiles”

Batista said more than a curse, the Lake’s unchecked growth needs to be taken advantage of, changing the customs regarding that natural resource, and that ocean species were “successfully” introduced last year, which have already adapted to the hyper-salinity and reproduce by the millions. “After the carp now the crabs will also adapt, thusly increasing the diversity of the Lake’s species.”

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