Out of Focus Traffik Signs at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

“Out of Focus,” an exhibit of work by Puerto Rican artist Adál Maldonado, is at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico until August 7, 2011. The intriguing work by this photographer/graphic and performance artist can be glimpsed in the two images accompanying this post.

Adál has kindly sent us, at our request, a brief statement about the exhibit, which we reproduce here:

Out of Focus Traffik Signs: Metaphors 

Artist Statement/Aesthetics: Many of our on-going disputes are aggravated by dissimilar interpretations of vague or misleading signals we interpret in our social and political environment. Resolutions of these disputes may depend on clarifying the metaphors systems implicitly use for control and to confuse certain issues and that cause disorder in our society.

 A growing investigation in cognitive science demonstrates that metaphor underlies much of our complex thinking, reasoning and language. This is particularly true in interpersonal relations where a set of connections is made and through which influence is exerted.

 Traffic signs serve a vital role in our daily environment. It is important to be able to read and interpret these signs clearly. To not be able to do so can have tragic consequences for ourselves and others.

Out of Focus Traffik Signs uses metaphor to highlight this condition of misinterpretation and utilizes the out-of-focus traffic sign as a signpost or perhaps prediction that signals potential future outcomes.   

The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico is located at Avenida de Diego 299 / Parada 22, Santurce, Puerto Rico.

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