A look at “Le Bonheur d’Elza” – A young woman’s search for the father she never met

Le Bonheur d’Elza,  a film from Guadeloupe, directed by Mariette Monpierre, was released in Paris in April. It is unclear if there will be a release in the United States or wider distribution in the Caribbean, although it has been screened in Martinique. Here is the description from IMDB:

Bernadette gave everything to her daughters. Nothing is ever enough for them. Elza completes her master’s degree in mathematics summa cum laude. She is the first college graduate of the family, a wonderful present for her mother who expects even more from her elder: a PHD. But Elza ruins her mothers’ happiness when she leaves against her wish and flies to Guadeloupe looking for the father that’s she never met. Elza takes us with passion and perseverance in this lush island of light that holds many surprises.

There is a Facebook page for the film, which you can find HERE.

The trailer below is in French and (alas!) not subtitled.

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