Caribbean Studies Association: Curaçao Conference Updates

The Caribbean Studies Association is asking each person to bring a text book (desk copy) from your discipline to give to the local university library and community libraries.

They are also encouraging all graduate students to apply for two awards. First, the George Priestley Graduate Student Award has extended its deadline to May 16, 2011. The Caribbean Studies Social Justice Graduate Student Paper Award is being established in honor of Dr. George Priestley in recognition of his lifelong contributions to social justice, anti-racism, HIV/AIDS awareness, the Afro-Latino identity, and international human rights issues. Please visit the CSA Website for more details.

Second, the Barbara T. Christian Literary Award was established in 2001 by CSA past President Dr. Cora Christian to celebrate her sister’s intellectual legacy in black feminist criticism. A $500 cash award and certificate will be given to the best paper presented by an Undergraduate, Graduate or Junior (non-tenured) faculty in any discipline presented at the 2011 Caribbean Studies Association Conference in Curaçao. Deadline for paper submission is July 8, 2011. The paper must have been delivered during the May 3-June 3, 2011, sessions. The author of the winning essay must be a CSA member in good standing at the CSA 2011 Conference.

Graduate students who are having trouble finding affordable accommodation in Curacao. The local committee has a great option that is still open. Five single dorm rooms are available at the local university at the cost of 35 ANG a day ($20) and this price includes three meals a day. The university is not far from the conference venue (WTC). It is less than one dollar to travel on a local bus from the university to the WTC. For further information about this option please contact Rojer Guido at

As part of the week’s program, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is planning a special day on Wednesday, June 1—a day of historical tours and an evening of cultural presentations. On the Monday and Tuesday of the conference, participants will have an opportunity to sign up for the tours. The city tours are limited to 80 people for Punda and 80 for Otrobanda; the countryside tours will be limited to 135 people (three buses of 45 people). Participants will be asked to pay a nominal fee of $10.00 for the tour they select at the time they sign up. See the Spring Newsletter on the web site for more details about the tours.

The association is also encouraging students and faculty members to participate in the annual Graduate Student Breakfast which will take place on Wednesday June 1, between 7:30-9:00am at the Hilton Hotel (Beach Bar). Please contact Lindsey Herbert ASAP to indicate whether you are willing to be part of this experience. In the past this has been one of the more memorable events that graduate students report from the conference.

The spring edition of the CSA Newsletter has struggled with some technological glitches; it is now accessible on the CSA website via the link below. Here you will find more information on the book drive, the cultural tours, graduate student activities, and other information on the conference and our CSA community. 

Access the CSA website at http://goog_397070399/

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