In Paris, Festival Rue Créole

Afro-Europe Blog reports on the Festival Rue Créole concerts at La Villette in Paris, France. This series of concerts is part of the larger cultural festival—Festival Rues du Monde [Streets of the World Festival]—taking place through April and May. It includes a great variety of musical styles—Romani-style music, flamenco, hip-hop, and Caribbean music. Festival Rue Créole is a cultural festival with strong representation of musicians from Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Festival Rue Créole will take place on May 12-15, 2011. It will feature several Francophone Caribbean performers such as Akiyo Mouvman Kiltirel, a cultural music group from Guadeloupe, and Martinican singers Kali (reggae, banjo, roots music) and Dédé Saint-Prix (traditional chouval bwa music).

Photo: Dédé Saint-Prix

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