Aid for Haiti

Haiti is expected to benefit from a new 10-year program for the world’s poorest nations.

Talks have started in Turkey bringing together heads of state, lawmakers, civil society organizations, the private sector and chiefs of international agencies as the least developed countries (LDCs) seek to implement measures for building infrastructure to attain economic self-sufficiency, decrease poverty and create decent jobs.

A UN statement said that Haiti is among the 48 nations—33 in Africa and 14 in Asia—that will benefit from the initiative. Among the features of the 9-13 May UN conference will be an LDC trade fair as well as a private sector forum and CEO summit on international business opportunities in these countries.

“But the LDCs average a 50 per cent rate of extreme poverty, are victimised by deadly disease and climate change and remain highly vulnerable to political or external economic shocks,” the UN said. A report released in late March by an expert panel appointed by the UN Secretary-General warned of continued marginalisation of these countries.

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