Humberto García Muñiz’s SUGAR AND POWER IN THE CARIBBEAN: THE SOUTH PORTO RICO SUGAR COMPANY IN PUERTO RICO AND THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 1900-1921, has just been published by the University of Puerto Rico and Ian Randle. Here is the press’s description of the book:

The South Porto Rico Sugar Company, a New York-based multinational corporation, established world leading sugar factories in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. These two countries, with dissimilar histories and realities, were under the control of the United States during a most propitious time of growth in the sugar industry. This book explores, in a comparative manner, the company’s successful establishment and expansion from 1900 to 1921, by analyzing how it combined: German capital —familiar with conditions in the U.S. market and Puerto Rico—, specialized Louisiana administrative/technical personnel in sugar processing, Barbadian biological technology and supervision in cane cultivation, as well as Caribbean (Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cocolo and Haitian) labor. Other subjects examined are: the relationship between the Sugar Trust and South Porto Rico Sugar Company, the removal of German capital from the company by the Alien Property Custodian, the development of a sugar bourgeoisie in Puerto Rico, migration and labor instability, as well as “land wars” and gavillerismo in the Dominican Republic.

 You can order from  

La Editorial Universidad de Puerto Rico Toll free: 1-877-338-7788

 or from Ian Randle Publishers, Kingston/Miami., Toll free from the Caribbean: 1-800-744-1114. Toll free from the US: 1-866-330-5469.

 Humberto García Muñiz is director of the University of Puerto Rico’s Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS). He holds a Ph.D. in Latin American History from Columbia University and an MA in International Relations from the University of the West Indies. From 1972 to 1982, he held the position of editor for the Caribbean Monthly Bulletin. He also has been a professor of Political Science and History at the University of Puerto Rico and visiting professor at Rutgers University and the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is a prolific writer on Caribbean Studies and an Associate Fellow of the Caribbean Studies Centre, London Metropolitan University (2006). He is a Danforth and Fulbright Scholar and author of La estrategia de Estados Unidos y la militarización del Caribe (1988), and co-author, with Jorge Rodríguez Beruff, of Security Problems and Policies in the Post-Cold War Caribbean (1996), and Fronteras en conflictos: Guerra contra las drogas, militarización y democracia en el Caribe, Puerto Rico y Vieques (1999). In 2002, he published, with Gloria Vega Rodríguez, La ayuda militar como negocio, Estados Unidos y el Caribe, 1790-2001.

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