The Bahamas: Plati and the Naykid-I

The Antigua Observer writes, “There’s calypso and then there’s rock. But imagine them fused together to create a new hybrid sound.” They are talking about dredrock and the group from the Bahamas called Plati and the Naykid-I.  Apparently, the group feels that their music may serve to unify the people as they perform in various Caribbean territories. Here are excerpts:

Band Leader Plati, whose real name is Tyrone Bartlett, is here [Antigua] on a media blitz to release a single off the band’s album, Dredrock Rising, due out in June.

“This is a reach-out to the rest of the Caribbean so that they can know that we exist and that we’re trying to unite all the Caribbean nations under one musical genre called Dredrock, so that the rest of the planet can pay attention to us, not as individual countries like reggae for Jamaicans or Trinidadians for soca but under one general genre that incorporates the entire Caribbean as a block. So we came to Antigua to promote that politics,” he said. “I wanted Antigua to be the launching pad for the rest of the Caribbean,” Plati added. “I figured Antigua is the perfect central point. It isn’t polarised as Trinidad or Jamaica. I recognise that Antigua is the melting pot of the Caribbean.”

[. . .] The band’s lead singer, who writes the group’s songs and arranges its music, explained the rock/Caribbean blend has a purpose. “We start with the premise of rock. We always have to have a rock guitar … but we also tend to use rock as a free-styling format to break down the genre boundary so we can blend music,” Plati said. “We recognise that rock is a catalyst-type of sound that can remove the labels of genre and cause music to blend. “So we take all the Caribbean styles because we want to try to unite the Caribbean as a block, since the rest of the world has created a block in their racial and ethnic lives. We decided to call the Caribbean under one generic of rock called Dredrock.”

The members of Plati and the Naykid-I have been together since the late eighties. They have gone by the names Radikal and Stranger before settling on their current name.

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