CaribbeanTales Showcase and Caribbean Week

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011, at 5:00pm, there will be a press conference to announce the CaribbeanTales New York Film Showcase, which will be held during Caribbean Week in New York on Saturday, June 11, 2011. The occasion will also serve to introduce the new Vice President of Marketing of the Barbados Tourism Authority and to present updates from the Caribbean Tourism Organization about the week’s activities. The press conference will take place at the Consulate General of Barbados/ Barbados Tourism Authority at 820 Second Avenue (5th Floor), between 43rd and 44th Streets in New York.

Speakers will include founder and CEO of CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution, Frances-Anne Solomon; Lennox Price, Consul General of Barbados at New York; Sylma Brown-Bramble, Director of the Americas, Caribbean Tourism Organization; and Campbell Rudder, Vice President of Marketing, Barbados Tourism Authority; among others.

Description: The creativity of Caribbean filmmakers will be a focus of the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Caribbean Week in New York, June 4 to 11, 2011. CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution has announced a new partnership with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) which will feature trailers of top Caribbean films during CTO meetings and events, and a day-long Caribbean film showcase with panel discussions and networking on Saturday, June 11. The Showcase has received early support from the Barbados Tourism Authority, the Consulate General of Barbados in New York, Caribbean International Network (CIN TV) and Distribution Specialist Michelle Materre.
For RSVP, contact Bevan Springer (Marketplace Excellence) at (201) 861-2056 and (201) 861-2056 or by email

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