Jandino Asporaat’s “Let Them Come”

Stand-up comedian Jandino Asporaat is on tour with his new show, “Let Them Come.” Jandino is a unique, one-of-a-kind comedian, who, full of passion and charm, wins over any audience. Known for being energetic, full of sharp jokes, good stories, quirky characters, and wonderful songs, “this rising star is unstoppable.” In “Let Them Come,” he challenges everyone and everything, but especially himself. He will be on tour between May 6 and June 4, 2011 throughout the Netherlands (see below).

Born in Willemstadt, Curaçao (1981), Jandino Jillian Asporaat was raised in Rotterdam. Some of his shows include “Antillean Pot” (2006), “Buena Vista” (2008), and “Let them come” (2010-2011)

May 6: Theater for the Schie Schiedam – 010-2467467
May 11: Schouwburg Rijswijk in Rijswijk – 070-3360336
May: Stadsschowburg Middelburg Middelburg – 0900-3300033
May 17: Schouwburg Venray Venray – 0478-530999
May 18: Theater Hotel Almelo Almelo – 0546-803010
May 20: Theater de Flint in Amersfoort – 033-4229229
May 21: Cool Art and Culture in Heerhugowaard – 072-5347662
June 4,: Chassé Theater in Breda – 076-5303126

For original article (in Dutch), see http://caraibischeletteren.blogspot.com/

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