Vybz Kartel Wants to Sing More Positive Lyrics

Speaking with The Jamaica Star, deejay Vybz Kartel said that he has made a decision to stop recording about counteractions, war, guns, and “bad man lyrics” because he has moved past persons trying to get “hype” off his name and he is trying to distance himself from negative associations. Here are excerpts with a link to the full article below:

“Me stop do gun song and bad man lyrics,” he said. “I did a song called ‘Bad up Yuh Mada’ and everyone and their mada counteracted it. Well, I got news for them. Dem a war wid demselves, cause I ain’t giving them the time of day, hush yaw insects and parasites. I must be Twitter cause everybody a follow me. [. . .]”

Kartel has been known throughout his career for recording gun and bad man lyrics in songs such as “War Nah Talk Over,” “12 Gauge,” “Broad Daylight,” “When We a War,” “Weh Dem a Go,” “Kill Dem All and Done” and more. He has also done a number of counteractions aimed at former rival Mavado, former mentor Bounty Killer, and the Alliance. Kartel however says, “I just think it’s played out now and I don’t have time for the negative associated with it or the other artistes who seek to counteract them as a means to reignite their mediocre career. It takes away from creativity.”

In the future, Kartel says he will not be responding to any lyrics aimed at him directly or indirectly. He said, “Why should I? It’s all about Gaza, Gully and I-Octane, so anyone who wants to bridge the current, so to speak, will have to do so with creativity and originality. Not mediocrity and frivolous banter.” [. . .] As to whether he will do these songs during stage-show performances, the deejay said he had not done a gun song for close to a year. [. . .] The artiste says that even with his stance, his songs will still be lyrically interesting and fans can expect the “usual Kartel topics.” He disclosed, “Remember I’m a person who sings about my life. And in my life there is never a dull moment.”

For full article, see http://jamaica-star.com/thestar/20110427/ent/ent1.html

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