Dominican Poet Víctor Villegas Passes Away

On April 22, 2011, Víctor Villegas, humanist, professor, poet and recipient of the National Literature Award [Premio Nacional de Literatura] died at age 85.

An eminent lawyer, poet, essayist, professor, and part of literary movement known as Generación del 48, Villegas was the co-founder, with the late poet Antonio Fernández Spencer, of Yelidá, a journal of Caribbean arts and literature. Born in San Pedro de Macorís on September 22, 1924, Villegas taught for 40 years at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, where he had received a doctorate in law. One of the most prominent members of his generation, he represented the Dominican Republic at numerous international literary congresses and also served as jury at important literary competitions in the country.

His first writings appeared in the newspapers La Nación, Listín Diario, and El Caribe and many literary journals. He was member of the Dominican Academy of Language, the Dominican Athenaeum, the Latin American Federation of Writer Societies, the International Committee of the Sovereignty of Peoples, and he presided over the Dominican Writers’ Union. In 1982 he received the National Prize for Poetry for his work Juan Criollo y otras antielegías [Juan Criollo and other Anti-Elegies]. Some of his other books include Charlotte Amalie (1980), Botella en el mar (1984), Cosmos (1986), Poco tiempo después (1991), Ahora no es ahora (1997, Jamás (2000), and Muerte herida (2002).

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