José Castelar Cairo Rolls World’s Longest Cuban Cigar. . . Again!

Cuban cigar-roller José Castelar Cairo (Cueto), with four Guinness World Records, will make an attempt to roll a 70-meter (230 ft)-long cigar, starting on Monday, until noon on May 3, 2011, at the Morro-Cabaña Park, in Havana. Cueto will exhibit his work at the 31st International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2011), scheduled for the Cuban capital from May 2 through 7.

Cueto, who works at La Triada Shop, has already hand-rolled four Habanos of 11.04 m, 14.80 m, 20.41 m, and, last year, 45.38 m; all of which have been acknowledged as Guinness World Records. His famous cigars are exhibited in crystal display cases in La Triada, located at the entrance of the ancient fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, which receives people from all over the world in search of this exceptional cigar-roller and his pieces.

Cueto, with 50 years of experience, recalls with satisfaction the knowledge he got on his way through prestigious cigar factories like La Corona, Partagas and Briones Montoto, the producer of the Romeo and Julieta and Cohiba brands, among others. He also remembers those who revealed to him some secrets in this art, and mentions cigar-roller Eddy Garcia, who taught him to make twisted cigars.

Cueto was nominated this year to the Premio Habano (Habano Award).

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