Around the Corner: International Symposium on Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean

Casa de las Américas invites scholars, artists, and the general public to the International Colloquium entitled “Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean,” co-sponsored by UNESCO Regional Office of Culture for Latin America and the Caribbean. The symposium will be held on May 16-20, 2011, at Casa de las Américas, in Havana, Cuba. 

Now in its year, the symposium promotes Caribbean studies from a multidisciplinary perspective to address cultural diversity in the region through topics essential to its past and present, oriented towards the future understanding of Caribbean culture and the arts. Special topics to be discussed on this occasion are nature, environment and climate change; inter-Caribbean and Afro-descendant migrations; the Caribbean beyond the Caribbean; [the musical genre] son, a Caribbean cultural matrix; among other relevant themes.

The fee to attend will be 50.00 CUC (60 USD) for speakers and participants from abroad, to be paid upon registration at the event.

For more information, write to Yolanda Wood, Director of the Center for Caribbean Studies, at

Painting: “The Observer-Blue” by Gustavo Valdez, from

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