Call for Papers and Launch of New Puerto Rican Studies Association Website

President Roberto Márquez (Mt. Holyoke College) and treasurer and editor Luis Figueroa-Martínez (Trinity College) have just announced the launching of the new, redesigned and more fully comprehensive website of the Puerto Rican Studies Association (PRSA). They have also announced the theme of the association’s 2012 Tenth Biennial Conference: “Boricuas and Other Border-Crossers: Of Diasporas and Latinidades.” The conference will take place at the University at Albany, State University of New York on October 23-28, 2012.

Elaboration of conference theme: Coming only a few weeks after the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that the Latina\Latino population of the United States has reached the staggering figure of 50 million (over 16% of the total population), PRSA’s 2012 CFP invites proposals that, taking the experiences of Puerto Ricans as “border-crossers” as a point of departure, seek also to locate their experiences in relation to a complexly shared Latina\Latino experience of multiple and overlapping diasporas, not only in the U.S. but also in Puerto Rico. We seek proposals that explore the intersections between and among Boricua, Latina\Latino, Caribbean and African-American diasporas, and the ways in which these intersections have already begun to produce new “puertorriqueñidades” and new “latinidades” that challenge long-held notions of “nation,” “nationality” and “cultural citizenship,” in the U.S. and on the island, as well. The full texts of the English and Spanish versions of the 2012 Call-for-Papers are available on the new PRSA website.

Description of the new PRSA blog “El Noticiero”: In addition to serving as a depository of important PRSA documents, the website also includes a new PRSA blog, “El Noticiero,” aimed at exchanging with our readers relevant information about new developments pertaining to research, teaching and public policy in Puerto Rican Studies and related fields, including notices about upcoming conferences and other events, conference or journal calls-for-papers, the publication of important new books and journal articles, and much more. Contributions to the blog can be made by current and new members of the association following guidelines specified in the new website.

As part of the new website’s launch, the PRSA is requesting that all current, past and potential members provide updated and more detailed contact information on a form found in the “Membership” section of the website.

See the new website at

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