Himalaya Storm Buffets Dominican Expedition Headed to Mount Everest

The Dominican expedition headed to Mount Everest was buffeted by a snowstorm Thursday during their ascent to the summit of Lobuche Mountain and are already at base camp in the Himalayas, after spending several days for acclimatization. [Also see Dominican Mountaineers on Their Way to Mt. Everest.]

Dubbed the Group Excelsior, Karim Mella, Federico Jovine and Iván Gomez will return again to the Everest base camp tomorrow, where they are expected to take part in the ritual “Puja,” a Hindu ritual performed Sherpa guides to revere the mountain’s symbols, and seek its permission and its protection during the journey.

See original article at http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/tourism/2011/4/15/39277/Himalaya-storm-buffets-Dominicans-headed-to-Mount-Everest

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