Cuba to Host Fifth Int’l Congress on Forestry in April

Details of Cuba’s reforestation program—recognized as the most advanced of its type in Latin America— will be offered to foreign participants in the Fifth Congress on Forestry scheduled for April 27-29 at Havana’s Convention Center.

Humberto García Corrales, general director of the Institute for Agro-Forest Research, told ACN that almost 100 representatives from 21 countries and nearly 200 local specialists will exchange experiences on methods to improve foresting techniques and to increase reforestation.

Isabel Russo, of the event’s Organizing Committee, said delegates will discuss topics such as sustainable forestry, wood technology, natural production, agro-forestry, climate change, and forest protection.

Cuba —currently with 26.2% of its territory covered by forest—annually increases its forest cover, and the plan is to have 3.2 million hectares of forest areas by the year 2015, which is 29,3% of the national territory.

Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, reforestation efforts have been underway to counteract the deforestation suffered during the colonial period and as a result of the development of the sugar industry, among other factors.

“Bosque de la Habana” photograph by Andrew Moore at

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