New Governor of Montserrat Sworn In

The new governor of Montserrat, Mr. Adrian Davis, was sworn in on April 8, 2011. He expressed his desire to be transparent and open with the media and to work with others towards achieving prosperity for Montserrat. Davis remarked that Montserrat needs to take its place in the international community and that globalization presented enormous opportunities to play a role. He added that the volcano should no longer define the future of Montserrat and the message must be spread that the North is safe and open for business. The governor also wants to see the Diaspora take an active part on redeveloping the island with a more open approach to receiving support from wherever it is offered.

Born in London, Governor Davis was trained as an economist before joining the then Overseas Development Administration (ODA) in 1974, after serving for two years as a VSO in Fiji. When the ODA became DFID, Davis had many overseas postings including Bangladesh, Thailand, Egypt, and the Philippines, where he was the UK Representative to the Asian Development Bank. For the last seven years he was based in Beijing in China working on the impact of China on international development issues and overseeing the DFID program there as well as in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

In his London postings, Mr. Davis focused on information technology policy and operations and on environment and sustainable development issues including climate change.

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